By Sirius Cat Bey 616™

Im a starfish the world is a fish bowl
The clouds go by ships of the sea, while i remain unseen
The serpent of the waters, making us grow like a magic bean
He helps us pollinate the world for the queen

The waves crash in and i am being still
Listening to the whales as they eat the kryll
The stories they tell the songs they sing vibrations are tranquil
The dolphins help transmute these energies pole 2 pole

The days and nights go on, im not the only starfish in the sea
As day turns to night, youll see us shine bright
We enter your dreams the night has begun
Now its time for us starfish to have fun
Well guide you to the moors, who open up the doors
Taking you on trips and kinds of majestic tours
You have a vision of me, a starfish in the sea
Were all starfish and the world is a fishbowl.