Cosmic plated palate

                                   Digesting Blood raw information


Amethyst Rock powdered form

                                                              High off imagination

     Intuitive scans of sensory sensing

                                                         Spirit being laced with

                                                                                    Etheric being confrontation compared with


    Elephants step, trampled grass effect


               On flesh attempts of disrupting communication

                                              ITAL dreadlocks deadlocked onto signals phoning home





                                                 Where i yearn to sail freely in the waves of sound


thirteen thousand times before a single vibration

                                                                                           can caress the ground

                           Speed of lights echoed through a flash

seemed to everlast

                             Transmuting messages to my past

                                                                                    Until the present soaks up the splash

     Commuting from a

                               New Wave of  Inspiration

                                                                        Droplets of pigments of Sky rain down

Seeping down four chambers to Lie

                                                         In a flower bed of the hearts soil


      Raising seed Variations

                                         of inspiration

                                                              as thoughts arise

                                                                                           just as the sun and moon



                   Da way seen and unseen


                                                                        in an eclipse of  SYNCHRONIZATION


                                  The Diamond pointed instant the moment and mind



if only i could bottle up

                                        this glimpse of


to set free to surf

                                 in the celestial seas


                                                   while i ponder daydreamt lifetimes

                                                                                                   to find lucid words to




How grateful i am for my spirit  to




                                                                  Cradled in the hands of the most highs

                                          Every time

I am baptized in


                                                  A new wave  of INSPIRATION


                         (poem inspired by, saul williams - amethyst rock)