By Trishah Al-Bey


It’s easy to tell
You’re still under a spell
It left a stain on your brain
now all you do is complain
while you’re locked in a cell

Not me, you see
my heart and soul is now free
I was put through a test and I broke away from the rest
so to this I must profess

All that mattered is that I shattered
the scam of King Alfred’s plan

King Balak, Kingu and Leviathan
used by charlatans, spawned by shaitan
to fool and control everyone

they now turned the living
into walking cadavers

But I don’t fret
here comes the Sun to battle Set
I spiral these words with great intellect
which I collect from my thoughts
after deep introspect

Okay, I’m just playing, I’m only saying
I simply disperse a verse
to reverse the curse
then quench the thirst of those last but really first
that’s my purpose is to further this notion
that I don’t need binaural beats, gurus or magic potions

For the creation of my mind
is the temptation to stop time
turning the subliminal into sublime

Like the seven sages
who created laws for the coming ages
I write sacred phrases on pages
for man to innerstand
he came through triple phases
of thought made manifest from the crest
of The Most High
who could end it all in a blink of an eye.