Sun gazing

Soaking in inner me

Amma G

Have the sol of the Sol in me

Literally speaking

No hidden hyperboles

Strength of a thousand men

That's Samson plus Hercules

I like my women with some bite

Laid in a bed of rosaries

Soul to soil

Keeps my pineal unfrozen


Maybe not now,

But soon you will

Word to my father

Like an apostille

With those seven seals

Realer than the road

To the city of gold

Truth be told

20 stories unfold

Something bout El Dorado

A car of my grandfather's

Grandma is High Seas

She called him Sea Seal

Middle name Will

That's my uncle's name too

From a long line of kings

I'm happy to come through

From her lips she exists

So thankhfull I came true




Sky blue







If you only knew