By 13 Tariq Moore Bey


There’s a time for everything


a time to reflect on subconscious memories


DNA footage reels to reveal,yah was with us long before the innerstanding of these energies


Eternal portals used as ink wells, words walk outta higher realms to paw printing the imagery


The tree remembers Imagery passed down through oral traditions


ironic visions via ears


listen twice as much we speak


The mouth delights to leak


questions obsolete


Contrast with inner voice


in sync


heartbeat to what we seeK


Kee’s discovered in solitude


Signals strengthened by humility


Static removed by confidence


A mooring child regaining consciousness


Stage of crawling


soon after receiving Da calling


Steadfast the pace


Stumbling, wisdom gained from falling


Mastering standing on my faith


Till my knees don't buckle at last

beside starseeds walking the path


Planted wisely in this kindred garden




The learning Center


Graduation to everlasting life


Those Like Christ


Self studied


Universe of Amma


first school is the womb


Nature is our Mamma


Her heat rises with every contraction within


Majority stillborns


A chosen few ready to Ascend


…………………………………………….. As she sheds Old skin