By 13 Tariq Moore-Bey


Do you take the time to feel,

when signs reveal?

or do you move too fast

to remove the veil?...


Golden fruits picked from

the most highest field….

From her eternal being she mined our image


Sometimes the mind can limit

what our spirit feels...


Sometimes i just need a piece of time

to get a piece of mine

a state of peaceful mind


Because the soul heals…

from a place that’s still

filled with treasures none can harm or steal


Light beams of protection, Steel…

unmeasurable to this aura protection seal,...sea lions, and dolphins


Why don't i visit this place more often?

What makes makes me go outside and turn the, lights off in…?


Side where in-sight dwells

the jewels in(plain)sight’s real


unseen aqueduct quenching my inner wells

upwards water fills, rainfall pouring

Straight form from Amma watering DA fields…


A spiritual farmer

Farmoor than what i can imagine

Spiritual armor placed on us to fasten


Take pace, choose faith

Watch miracles that can’t be fathomed


Reverence emanates from the center of every Atom

every day and every  Eve

Your divine breath determines the direction of every leaf…

Of every reef with abundant corals..

of every man and woman filled with morals,

engaging in wise silence


Inner solitude confinement..

Defiance of quarrels...


Within a chosen few

lies a road to become IMMORTALS


                                                              Make way towards eternal portals

  Photo credit:  The Wandering Angel  via  / CC BY

Photo credit: The Wandering Angel via /CC BY