Honey had flavor, I had to savor

Sea, I knew she was up above

I asked her "what's your major?"

She smiled and said  "Love"

If eloquence was heaven sent

This cadence in me mory is a holy gift

When I see you, I see me

Can't comphrehend fake shit

Would you like to take my hand..

Travel across the land

Black sands, white sands

Diamonds in these matters... glistening

Amma Mama womb wisdom

When she speaks G's listen

She's my sunrise, my sunset

When she's gone it's like Mississippi

You wanna know why life is trippy?

I was in the same clothes just a week ago

Now she's hear with me

You lift me, I lift you

Real to royal is a frequency we keep in tune

Then one day I was like "I have a question to ask you"

She was like "Make it the special, mos def"

"I don't even know your name so much for baby steps.."

"Can you hand me those keys?"

She replied "I'm that rainbow, sunshine after the rain.."

"That strength at the end when growth overcomes pain"

"Those earthquakes of amor every time I pour your name"

"The raw honey in your sweet potato dreams"

"Sea, we're one in the same, you and me"

"I'm the Me in you and you're the Me in me"

Then she rubbed my beard and spoke softly..

"My love is like water, I'm Clarity Daily"


Happily forever out here I know the time's near

I see her clear love's our atmosphere