Mostly water
copper vases


Naga Serpents
Changing faces

Silence erases
Look alive

Time real acquires

Focus on her eyes
Nine for planets align

Mistakes go and come

Though, in stillness I rise

Will she spend the night?


If love was a smoothie... 

clusters of stars in a mason jar

Fruits of passion everlasting

Space beyond seconds

The first time on rewind

I'd travel four corners to your core

Honey due on lava's day

Clarity borders the seashore

A message in a bottle

"Rain rules the sun"

She commands you to grow

Know that she's the one

Since the world is backwards

I love you inside in

This is mystery

Right to meet you again

I close my eyes

Visualize how her feel inside

Water immersed

A la I see a phoenix rise

Reborn again

An innocence to fly