Written By Silmiyah Mecca Bey

ALL Love is Tru 13Love Unconditional & Infinite..No Rome-Antics..An Energy a Behavior..Withstands the Test(s) of Time..Throughout the Ages & Cycles..Till the End of This Age & On Into the Next..a Psalm..a Sacred Song/Hymn...

                                    13Love Psalm

I Love How You Love Me Without Saying a Word; Just an Energy That's Carried by THe Breath Aah Soo Superb.

Thoughts, Silent Sound, Ripple Out Like Gentle Waters Flowin; Beautiful Subtle Rhythm of Harmonious Bliss RAmind Me..Keep Goin!

Higher Than Any Notion, Mobile Than Any Motion, an Ocean Tru Blend, Inconceivable or Comprehendible in This Realm..Infinite..No End.

I Love How I Love You So Diligent, Disciplined on THe Path Only THe Tru Righteous Know; Uncorrupted by the Corrupted, Steadfast, Rooted in Faith..You Let Sh** Go.

A Calm Assertiveness in Silence, No Arrogance but Efflorescence..Your Presence is THe Present..a Gift..a Beam/Being of Light; but You're Heavy; Humble Metal With Your Mentals: Fundamentals.

Don't Hide Your Wisdom & Be Sure to Laugh After Each Thought. TMH's are Entirely With THe FaithFULL; We Stay Humble..Dig Us; Real Cosmic Astronauts!

THankh YAh for Taking a Moment 2 Feel MAh Thoughts