Written By Yuna Honey Mawu

Today as I sun gazed I saw the sun do a little dance.





Round & round

Side to side.


Soon the sun dance started radiating all types of magical colors I had never seen before.


I began to notice the sun gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

A familiar feeling that made me feel nostalgic.


You know that feeling of finally being home where you belong.


Ring ring ding ding the sound approaching faster it was M. eru my cat.


When I looked at the clock it read 5:13pm

I chuckled to myself how does this always happen.


I started to pet her & noticed she seemed to have grown 3x in size.


She began to purr & with those purrs her tiny kitten body started radiating colors.


With her eyes said "we all have a little sun dance inside of us"


Tomorrow shall be another day.


I will await to watch the sun do it's little sunny dance

That makes my life so much brighter.