Written by Kalifiah Bey™

A flower risen from the concrete

They thought she would never make it

This flowers will to survive is strong

Stronger than the trunk of a tree

Darkness was her home

All alone she thought to herself

Im just a small seed tryna make it out alive

Can I really survive?

Will I ever be free?

All the other seeds just gave up

Gave up on what they was planted here to be

Months after months she was in doubt

Will I ever sprout?

Tryna find her way out she felt the sun

Tried to tell the other seeds but they were done

So she started to sprout leaving them behind

no longer filled with doubt in her mind

She started to rise

Rising to the sun nourishing her with info from the universe making her mind strong

Bussing through the concrete her leaves started to grow

Feeling AMMAs love from her rain water and the warmth of the sun

A rose bud started to grow

However her journey is not over yet

She still has to make it through the storm and the snow in order to bloom and grow

Happy she made it through the concrete

Humbled when she realized she wasn't the only one

Though she was the only flower around

All over the world

15% of her brothers and sisters have also risen towards the sun

Flowers risen from the concrete

Most thought they would never make it

But their will to survive is strong