By Alex Amore Anu Dey

Fear is a snake, lurking in the grass. 
As you walk with bare feet and look it in the eyes you become momentarily paralyzed, decision time.
Keep walking is what your heart says, turn around is what your mind says.
Why turn around with your feet planted on the earth, go with your heart.
Sparks of electricity shoot through each toe, racing up your nervous system, till you are met with thoughts, nerves and emotions
This snake wants to bind you up, restrict your breath, collect every remnant of what your future might look like to you.
Push through, the snake is just that, nothing else, a Mirage. It's a fake. 
Take that snake and MAKE it go away, for you have Love.
You have a dove on your shoulder, a sword and sheath at your hand, you have armor across your body and you have Faith.

Photo credit:  Andreanna Moya Photography  via  /  CC BY