Photo credit: Nilsfried via / CC BY-SA

No, don't leave me..

Remember all the times we've shared

You loved to breathe me

Pair bond..

Be me

Your pain is mine

You can't leave me for Happy

You know you miss me

Couldn't wait to kiss me

I was your comfort when life seemed too easy

We ate greasy pizza late at night

I know you miss the cheese

Now you love Truth and I'm nothing to you

How can you deceive me?


During your darkest days I was in your corner

I told you to stop, but something else made you keep going

As soon as your heart grew warm..

I was left alone and became a mourner

I really don't think you get it

I really need you, I REALLY mean it

You're my life, my light, the reason why I act up at night

My might, my strength, my sight

Without you..

I cease to exist beyond a "what if"

You put food on my table

What am I gonna feed my kids?

We need each other

We were like significant others

But only one of us could truly live

When your heart was so heavy

Who else was there to lead you astray?

You dishonor our bond

Whenever your skin touches the sun's rays

Why don't you love me like you used to?

Used to let me use you and abuse you

Amnesia wore off, now you value yourself

Ugh, why can't you be like all the others

This is so unusual smh

Oh, I get it.


You want to be Her U

Honestly, that's why I chose you

I know who you are




A heavenly star