By 13 Tariq Moore-Bey


Sometimes I Roar Sometimes I Purr
Most Times   I LISTEN   sometimes I answer Sometimes I walk sometimes I soar Most Times I have a plan sometimes im a freelancer Humble as a lamb Fierce as a Lion Sometimes I do the math Sometimes I drop Science Sometimes I rhyme quick sometimes I rhyme slow Sometimes I want less sometimes I want mo Sometimes I eat Sometimes I Fast I remember coming in   FIRST   sho as hell remember last Sometimes I reflect shit there was times I digressed I   MEDITATE   to elevate sometimes I grab the pen to illustrate Sometimes im Light at times I felt the weight Sometimes I dance some times i sing Sometimes I humm or even drum to connect with Elohim I   VISUALIZE   my pyramid sometimes a halo God Dammit should I go pineapple or mango Should I make my own smoothie. Or hit the juice shop to peep a vegan booty sometimes im a fools wit it at the sametime im   SIRIUS   I Love taking nature walks or sitting under Tree's for long periods Depends on the the day Sometimes they think im Hare Krishna or mistake me for Rastafarian But im just a righteous being at all times seeking the   HEAVENS   Thing come n go seasons rearrange but THE MOST HIGHS   Remain unchanged thats why at all times im giving praises at all times never hating at all times walking the right and narrow walking amongst   TLC   sometimes referring to Thirteen Love Community Sometimes I mean the last cycle Life is Good Sometimes I sunshine shake to rejoice or catch me moon walking like Michael went from the dream world to this world I guess I woke up in the middle of the night to write this poem trying to figure out what this   MEANS   Is there a time for everything?   TO KEEP US IN BALANCE, AND   I already   KNOWS   the answer just thought an artistic way to express would be a challenge for bettering haven't let the ink speak in a while but there's a time   FOR EVERYTHING 13

Photo credit:  auspices  via  /  CC BY

Photo credit: auspices via / CC BY