By Simi Love Bey™


Still inside.  Know where you go.  See into the darkness.  Explore all the magical notes and spectacular sounds as we go round for round.  Left to drown in the sudden fullness of love. Smitten in fulfillment, in peace that surpasses all understanding.  As you branded me, I branded you.  Now I am trademarked by your love.  Hmmmm so sweet you are.  Am marveled by your Davine touch that leaves me speechless as I listen to your tunes from another wavelength.  Don't get me started as I have not even begun, as you may not be able to handle this truth unless you are a real one.  But I could only choose a real one anyway.  Nothing but the truth you resemble me in every way.  Slightly different so that i know I'm not crazy. Simmer down now, I think we've had enough or maybe we should start back up again or maybe we should rest for now and receive all these downloads.  Ahhhhh I'm fulfilled and empty all at the same time.  Smiling from the four corners of the earth, grateful that you came my way.  Now let us rest, the sun will rise soon and we have much business to do my love.

Photo credit:  kudumomo  via  /  CC BY

Photo credit: kudumomo via / CC BY