As I peel back the walls you create to preserve your innocence

What's inside reminds me of home, every time

The breath of life is shared as your lips kiss my lips

Every piece of you is... juicy

See, each bite is a scene from a movie

I love what you do to me, truthfully

Fill me with purpose and light..

When I take flight, it's your love that insures me

Your flesh is fresh spring water

Every caress is as nourishment from my Mother's breast, once again

You speak to me in ways that only love can comprehend

More than a friend...

A conduit of a new beginning from an end


Eventually, now matter how slow we go you always go back home

Leave me with new ideas to manifest when I'm alone

Thankful you're organic, I could never swim in a clone

No doubt, even though you only come see me when it's cloudy out..

And you never borrow my sweaters, I should've known better

Your essence is eternal

Love you,

I will,


Photo credit:  paul bica  via  /  CC BY

Photo credit: paul bica via / CC BY