Photo credit:  Ian D. Keating  via  /  CC BY

Photo credit: Ian D. Keating via / CC BY



Haven't been to this place in ages before aging,

back to my first stage before stages,

can't wait to start fresh, new breath anticipating, a new maze of amazement,

A new wave has been awakened, i'm forming like a tide ready to be taken, to shore, sure enough this time that i'm awaiting,  has been waiting for me to come, written by a divine index and thumb, numb but i hear hums, from a giant woman outside welcoming my ear to hear her sing, only if I had a window to see who sings, but I feel her rhythms, almost as if they give me vision, as I listen deep yes I listen, she gives me vision, to see what's on the outside, i'm swimming in a dark place, but sometimes I feel she's teaching me how to love through her heart's bass, how to balance through her heart's pace, her vibration draws out her heart's shape

When she needed silence I felt as if I were still connected to her thoughts, I mean every neuron that would spark, sent waves to me to talk, and I heard her speak every time she would think, and just wow her thoughts were the best way to hear her talk

I would get a tingle every time she would say, “let him lord just, let him come safe”, yes she would say, “I can't wait to see his face when he comes”, Her words must have invoked protection for the messiah/prophet/the chosen one, This was the first time, the first sign, from her fine mind, this moment yes ,this moment I learned how to feel, how to heal, how to to genuinely love when she brain spilled her Palils

But I would gain my first dose of pain when she felt pain outside…..

these prison walls? no no no this was a place of nurture where I began to grow, the thoughts she had retrace back to when I first began to know, a bit of the all so when she began to weep in vain, I remembered the first thing she taught me so I began to sang, to heal her pain and embrace her fall, when i would sing, sing, sing my song, almost as if I can feel her giant hands touch through these walls, I could feel the pressure, yes these pressures out there seem so real, and as time would build, I could feel these walls closing in on me, it was as though she could feel my pain or as if I could feel hers, then there was a thin burst, the first time my sight observed what's known as bright, leading me through a tunnel, I could hear voice clearer now, as she screams “he's coming”, through the darkness I see the light, I must use all of might to finally see her face, tears of joy will fill my face, as I make my way at a steady pace, There's crowd gathered around out there, I know they're just excited as her to be given, the chosen, the prophet the one, a river of water sailed me into the hands of this giant woman she said welcome to the world my SUN