By Thylacoleo Carnifex Bey

Love at first sight, love with all thy might, If you were a rose I would smell you all night, time is of the essence,  your presence is a blissing, when you're far away my heart feels like its missing, close to the touch, exquisitely plush, nothing can extinguish the rush, flame turned to dust, new turned to rust, linked tough like like logs of a rafter to build a boat, moving fast but listening slow, your words are powerfully soft spoken like the waves of an ocean, focused on the motion of a never-ending ride, brace thyself for the incoming tide, watch as we rise up above the evil ones, who gossip and blaspheme like a snake with two tongues, breathe through my lungs and hold your breath, follow the yellow brick road and don't miss a step, journey on the quest for unconditional love, look in the mirror and give yourself a hug.

gdiazfor  /  Foter  /  CC BY-ND