By Ephany Star

He got up on the stage

Flipped through his black book, and suddenly stopped

He found THE page

He parted his lips

The melody of dancing vibrations began to fill the room

Beautiful words filled with bliss

Chill down my spine

Heart began to race

Has he just tapped into my mind?

With each line

A story of rhymes

Seemed to be mine

He was reading me

Speaking to me

A feeling of familiarity consumed me

I stepped back trying to catch my balance

Every pain I felt, he said it

His words of love, was of those my heart bled in silence

Each note spoke of my endeavor

Was I being challenged?


I turned to walk away

To shake it

Was I going crazy?

This can’t be

This complete stranger seemed to know me

As if our soul was connected

But that thought, I rejected

I turn to look back at him

I was just another face faded into the crowd

I thought –

He continued to read aloud

But then paused

I froze

‘Yes my queen I know’

Was the last words he spoke