By Ephany Star

If you want to claim me as your queen

You must over-stand the way to love me

Over-stand the complexity of loves’ simplicity

Past the sexual, physical, and the spiritual

But meet at the soul

Soul bonding

This kind of love requires a deep Amma-rooted inner-standing

Inner-standing the pieces of me

Not the kind of love that would sweep me off my feet – momentarily

But I require that everlasting love

The kind that reflects the ocean kissing the sun

Blushing pink and blue

The soft water droplets kissing the flower from morning dew

Have to be able to look into your eyes and see me looking back at me, looking at you

Nothing superficial

Nothing that can be duplicated


Something beneficial

Healing one another

Growing with – , teaching each other

Like the universe giving birth to a new star

This kind of love requires a strong king

Strong-minded with a light heart

Must see, the beauty, within me

Let’s begin to plant our seeds

Let’s start our empire

But only if you have the kind of love this queen requires

  Photo credit:   craigCloutier   via   /   CC BY-SA