Caress the inner workings of your mind

Come to find a shine aligned with the divine

Energy rose up her spine, each breath

Each kiss sniffs prana, high sensory, flows

No need for marijuana, no commas

Need pause to feel you, intensity, fire

Limitless motion, forewords, butterflies

Swimming, high seas, good karma

Paint pictures, love, brush, paint

A Heart's Canvas, multidimensional

Sandwiches, well fed, electrolytes, nutrients

13Love to Anu Beings, with the moon

Gain sense, find en light en dense cities

Forever Out Here, the embodiment of

Spirit within definition, love ions

Timeless, love moves, sea to sea, upside down v

Over reaching not, the truth remains still

Sweet to the soul,

The truth is,

The truth is,

The truth loves to fish


gold souls