By Ephany Star


Feel the Heat as it cast from this raving spirit
Let it engulf you in its ether
Too hot to touch
But yet, so cold to your skin
I amp it up
Still no affect
At war again
Dancing in the rain of my fire
Hear my cry
Feel my pain
See my bruises
Feeding my flames
Exaggerating the reds and blues
Growing out of control
Still you break no sweat
Reaching out to touch me
Asking to let you in
I’m burning for you
In rage, to scare you away
But you hold your ground
Moving in closer
Showing your determination
You press your lips against mine –
Here comes the calm
Simmering down
Finally realizing what just transpired
My own satire
You’re the only one who knows how to tame this wildfire

Photo credit:  Juliana Coutinho  /  /  CC BY

Photo credit: Juliana Coutinho / / CC BY