By Ephany Star


I am here looking through her eyes
Watching how she lives her life
I take the back seat
When she cry through her bleeding pen
I try to comfort
I am the one that guides her
I am more than the name they call her
I am more than the legacy she’s building
I am what she’s evolving into
I am what you feel when she enters a room
More than a presence
Untouchable, but yet I touch
Unseen, but am the vision
I am that connection to the hidden world
Helping her down her righteous path
Here to Heal
Here to Direct
I am her beginning
Her never ending
Her time reference
The voice she hears talking back in her mind
I AM what I AM
I am Her…..

Photo credit:  Hernan Piñera  /  /  CC BY-SA

Photo credit: Hernan Piñera / / CC BY-SA