By Ephany Star


Seems that gravity finally remembered to pull me down
Now I’m here falling
Wings clipped
Shackled weights of violations pinned to my ankles and wrists
Pulling me earthward
Once swam in the skies
Danced around on cotton balls they call clouds
Not knowing where I will land
Or how long it will take
Just the sound of the wind filling up my ear canals
Hair swinging in every direction, going wild
Breeze pushing up against my back
But gravity is winning the battle
Or shall I say my Sin, Greed, Indecency
When I had my wings I defied gravity
What was it compared to me
My wings once cut through air
Now here I am at a free fall
Downward movement under the force of gravity alone
Hopefully I will earn back my wings again
After all, what is gravity to moving light?
One day I will be able to fly back home
Back to the Most Highs