Ace boon rouge

Thick as weaves


She was on my team

To the store

To the corner

We traveled everywhere

Whatever the occasion

She was always there

I watched my mama 

Befriend her at times

Couldn’t wait to make her

A companion of mine

She covered my jaws

And coated my lashes

She made me so happy

By glossing my smackers

She raised my brows

And dusted my peeks

She gave me confidence 

From week to week

Then 3 years ago

I came to a conclusion

What she’d given me

Was always an illusion

Who was I

Without the mask

I needed to know

And had to ask

It started at work

The whole day was bare

And after a month

My face didn’t care!

My pores were set free

No longer held hostage

The feeling was great!

Releasing my lockage

Good bye foundation

Don’t need you no more

The grounding was faulty

I needed a new door

To exit the trap

Set back in the day

To hide from myself

Now found, I’m a Bey!

The glow I hold now

Is freeing and pure

No smoke and trick mirrors

This shine will endure

I used to love her 

Before knowing truth

I love myself now

That natural dew

The reflections of past

Help me to explore

If I came back complete

What was I making-up for?

Photo credit:  LadyDragonflyCC - >;<  /  /  CC BY

Photo credit: LadyDragonflyCC - >;< / / CC BY