She encompasses the world,

Me, I'm just a ruler..

She's the hips and the hula

The gifts and the moola

All the fellas be like Who Ha?

Who She?

She be my.. beybey boo bumble bee

Humbly, I serve her

Lips like the sunrise give me life with every word

She keeps me on my toes for the test to do my best

Straight up, no stress, she never greets me on a curve

She say the way I speak, reminds her of her heartbeat, when it's been a long day and her song comes on

I watch her dance... and how her hair flows is my round of applause

She say I got bars and by the twinkle in her eyes I say she got stars, limitless

Hugs reminiscent of the beach, 85 degrees, waist deep, crystal clear seas

Few words flow like I see you, you see me, our waves touch so to speak

I would say more, but this is all my thoughts could relay after she said "thank you" for holding open the door

Two became one...


The only way to dream is in the sun

Photo credit:  nattu  via  /  CC BY

Photo credit: nattu via / CC BY