Plans for today?

To soak in them rays 

Life’s daily heat

Heatin’ up my core

Correcting the temperatures 

of my ship

Lip to lip

Hip to hip 

I figured-in 

just how long 

I can stand the treats

Treating my EL’s 

filling my wells 

With the delicious spectrum 

of solar salads

A triangular bowl 

of green leaves

Leaves my temple satisfied

With hearty slices of warmth

Marinated in

vinegar shine

Time sure does FLY 

when you’re having SUN!

Days seem shorter

The nights come colder

Years clock faster

But I’m not growing older

Flying in the SUN

Turns my clock back

Adjusting the hands

Keeps my rejuvenation intact

Yes, time FLIES

when you’re having SUN!

Blazing trumpets 

All day long

I’ll run as fast as I tan

When it’s time to come home

But where did the time go?

I am having SO much fun!

I know

don’t RA-mind me







  Photo credit:  martinak15  via  /  CC BY

Photo credit: martinak15 via / CC BY