Forgive me for all the days I didn't love myself
Forgive me for all the times I never asked you for help
Forgive me for being afraid to feel you
Forgive me for drowning in my sorrows trying to kill you
Forgive me for not remembering who I AM
A mustard seed planted into the ground by your hand
Forgive me for never noticing all your signs all this time
Forgive me for my lack of knowledge
See I went to college, but Yah, they never acknowledged
Forgive me thinking I didn't matter and only live once
Forgive me for drinking all that Koo-Laid and Hawaiian Punch
I was out of my mind, oh what a crime
Yet your love for me never wavered
Always in the back of mind saying 143 like a pager
You kept me away from serious danger even in my darkest days
Remember that party they pulled 10 guns out, yet you had me walk away unscathed
This flesh is not perfect but the love you made me in is
I ask you to help me remain humble and ask for forgiveness
These worldly things are no longer of my concern
I just wanna go home, island living in Mama's Zone
Help keep me focused and guided as we draw closer to that return
We almost there... now let {it} burn


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