By Trishah Al-Bey


I promise that the premise will have precision
not cause confusion
but a mission
that is diamond accurate
with cuts so immaculate
that’s why I’m so passionate
but I’m just a passenger
riding the words of a 13th messenger
my mind is so high caliber
that I get hyper when I decipher complex cyphers
from those who think they’re clever
domes get severed
from the shoulders
time standing still
never gets older
on a battlefield they’re paper soldiers
keeping them filed in folders
categorized and hypnotized
by my words that are simplified
for simpletons
who cheat to win
engage in sin
the crescendo is where I begin
to take them out one by one
while i honor mother, father and son
all based on feminine energy
keeping them in order synergistically
that’s the real righteous trinity
see the signs in a star and a crescent
my brain operates at 100 percent
divine knowledge is heaven sent
ignoring those who are hell bent
while giving my all to the omnipotent.

  Photo credit:  skyseeker  via  /  CC BY

Photo credit: skyseeker via / CC BY