By Sirius Cat Bey 616™

As the days go by,
I start not to notice
I am as peaceful as a lotus
Becoming more in tune whole and connected
Healing parts of me i have sense neglected
All thanks to The Most Highs for keeping me protected

The journey is continuous, not parted or divided
The days months years are all coincided
Taken notes internally through my life
Helping me maintain balance and away from strife

Seeing things I yet cannot explain
I pause take a breathe and refrain
From going too fast and burning gas
Patience I have learned, this allows me to pass

Things come up just like they go away
The process is divine the opposite of grey
I humble my heart to feel love and light
I'm vibing with introspection and insight
Thank you ancestors Hashem Amma Most Highs for this day of delight.

Photo credit:  mripp  via  /  CC BY

Photo credit: mripp via / CC BY