By Trishah Al-Bey


The bag of tricks in politics
causes panic when they play with semantics
turning words into swords
on your vessel, they climb on board
your paths have been commandeered
filling your hearts and minds with fear
taking control of your destinies
poisoning the waters of the seven seas
those liars, those liars
they conspire to throw fire at those that aspire to rise higher.
They can’t wait to translate their hate to seal your fate
obliterate your chance to satiate
your soul with the Great-ness of The Most High
you see them imitate
use magic to levitate
trick the masses so they can elevate themselves
to stations of gravitation
pulling minds into situations
of death and destruction
dependent people cannot function
relying on lies to give them direction
pacifying any guise of insurrection
keeping them divided in different sections
loaded down with material and matter
low vibrating sounds, sugar cereal and idle chatter
birth, school, work, death
straight out the womb
until you take your last breath.

  Photo credit:  Peter hellraizer madsen  via  / CC BY