By Summer Son {13Amanu Bey}


A thousand tear drops I can't contain  
Making way for a heavy yield, my eyes drain  
With a thousand brain storms, mama I feel you rain  
Sited atop a pine-tree, I never felt so free  
over-seeing the valleys of the shadows of death  
With arrows of light piercing through, I savor my breathe  
Flowing with the winds of change my life is as evergreen  
A thousand unseen messengers watering my head like a stream  
A thousand raindrops showering my brain  
Sacred is the bearer of wisdom and all thy words ye proclaim  
Pouring wisdom to a dome is always efficient  
like a word to a wise is always sufficient  
When a beloved passes I can never shed a tear  
weeping only waters more death and more fear  
But when a beloved is born,  I see oceans in my eyes  
pouring streams of joy at thy birth  
watering her days to be longer than miles  
A thousand teardrops running dry at the second coming  
I look up and see a second Sun is making her dawning  
A thousand raindrops and my life is everlasting  
I sow none but love, so all of hate is never lasting

Photo credit:  ** RCB **  via  /  CC BY     

Photo credit: ** RCB ** via / CC BY