By the Poetress Bey:Ni'rah


YES! they buriedme in the dirt 6ft deep in the soil of earth/ hid
the truth had me recycling uncoof/ & every chance for rebirth they
poisoned my roots/ but i continued to fight the battle that can not be
told in words/ I persevered toward the light that dark matter womb to
heal my hurt cleanse my soul I fought to feel Ptah rays on my girth/
sprouting up just knowing I would one dey be apart of the beautiful
Moor called meadows or rain forests/ I was determined to feel the
essence of the butterfly wings on my ears let me know Amma Mamma is
always nearI am protected under her wings/ O I heard stories of the
Hummmbull Bumble bee tickling our noses for pollen HA I hope I dont
sneeze yes that is my story and inside of me are many moor seeds they
to will be buried beneath the sand but in my heart I know they will
grow stronger than I Am.

YES! I to have a story to tell I once was very tall bearing fruit to
feed ALL I'd awaken to Eye of Rah each dey shining warm sun rays The
wind brushing my hair relieving those coiled snares the rainfall
brought rainbows birds tickling under my arms building nest and we All
be singing songs and when I got so very tall I saw the world and
innerstood the beauty of it ALL A oneness I recall then one dey I
began to fall cut in half by a silver saw to them my life held no
value no value at all and all around family and friends heard the
cries from the snapping of their arms animals lost homes some babies
even died cuz they were to weak to fly yep we are still around just a
stump in the ground connected to Ahava somehow Roots go deep deeper
than you know...around da world connecting to heal our souls and thru
our roots we spread love life and truth one dey I'll be tall again my
palm hair blowing in the wind.

YES! like a lily our empired bloomed everlasting like the evergreen
and once we had knowledge of planets sun stars andmoon we planted
seeds for the future thats why we wrote the Constitutions We are a
living state but our current state of consciousness is one to execrate
went from Naturael beings to being fake and the land well is usurped
and rights molested and raped. We're not dead just dead in the eyes of
the law civiliter Mortuus and in 1776 our cherry tree took a great
fall they hid the truth of our five pointed green star they cut wounds
deep in the womb but its time to heal the scars A great Nation of Love
Truth Peace Freedom Justice for ALL We will rise for every season
brings change heed the call

Photo credit:  ajari  /  /  CC BY

Photo credit: ajari / / CC BY