By Twan El-Sun Teachey


I want to be forgiven for all I have done.
No matter how petty. Even if it was for a crumb.

Forgive me Amma for I have poisoned my body with waste.
I know I let you down cause you looked at me with disgrace.

I want to be forgiven for the wrong choices I have made.
Forgive me for the lies I told to make me seem brave.

Forgive me for the hate in my blood. I know it's no good.
There's no excuse for that. Not even growing up in the hood.

Forgive me for the liquor I drank and the blunts I smoked.
I should have known better cause the stuff made me choke.

Forgive me for the porn I watched. Straight degrading women.
I thought it was okay cause they chose not to make a better living.

Forgive me for spilling my seed and wasting my life force.
Now that I know better my life is on a higher course.

Forgive me for not taking heed to the messages sooner.
I shouldn't have treated them as just a mere rumor.

Forgive me for being strung out on television. Straight rotting my brain.
Believing the lies that they told me. That almost drove me insane.

Thanks for listening Amma. I truly appreciate your presence.
Thanks for the life force you've given. I'm thankful for every lesson.

Photo credit:  n_nellis  /  /  CC BY

Photo credit: n_nellis / / CC BY