by Duong Mao (pronounced mo) I3ey


Kings and Queens, may I please have your attention. At ease, if you please. 13 to the Essenes, 13 to the Nazarenes, 13 to the unseen, 13 to the Kings and Queens living clean and lean off Mama's fruits, nuts, beans, and greens. 13 to everyone who's all about Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, health, and wealth. Please allow me to introduce meself. Me a Moor, forever Moor. I am Duong Mao I3ey, may your days always be gloriously filled with da13thsunrays. I am 13grateful to The Most Highs for opening me eyes to get wise to rise above the cries and lies. I am eternally thankhful to mine deep within me mind for diamonds and jewELs of the Divine. With all due sincerity, in this reality, it's a rarity to receive so much clarity daily. Thankh Yah for accepting me as I am. ISLAM.

Travel with me back in time, when bombs were dropping in Vietnam. No shit, me heard the roars of jets and hellys from the safety of me Mama's belly. Daddy made it home to see the crowning of his son's dome. Against all odds, with only help from God, Daddy strive to survive and stay alive till he left in 1975. Daddy drive lead him to dive into Mama's hive until me arrived. We were so poor, our shacks and huts had no windows or doors, we slept on the dirt floor. Me know you done heard it before, when it rained, it poured. Me ramember how we would float down the river in the rice boat. Me kins, we were packed in like sardines. We didn't have much food or clothes, there was no rags to wipe our nose. You would religiously chant to get some new pants. Me had dirty, filthy, danky, stanky socks. Bro, you already know it, me pant had a hole in it so you could see me cock-adododo! Peekaboo! Me got you! 13LOVE to you!

Photo credit:  Nguyen Duc Loi  /  /  CC BY

Photo credit: Nguyen Duc Loi / / CC BY