By SunChild Olivia 13 Bey™


Denounce the old ways,

embrace the new,

all that anger is just a phase,

where as the happiness stays,

break away from all those false emotions,

in that they will cause wrong motion,

motion I mean action,

leading to a huge deduction,

on that vibration,

then rationing of your blissings,

thus having all that wishful thinking,

Stop feeding those demons,

and drink some of that good lemon juice,

to cleanse out that spirit,

that latches on all your bad feelings,

that fill you in with bad thoughts,

later putting your stomach in knots,

Just be free like the wind,

and whine your self down with big Amma Mama,

who will kill off that bad karma,

giving you the right grammar,

that will keep you off these spells,

that will get you trapped in this big well,

Oh, i mean hell,

they call "it" the matrix,

Sounds like man's tricks,


burn of that useless baggage,

for this day and age,

even though "it" may hurt you,

"it" doesn't own you,

until you let "it" in your soul,

So let nature take control,

i mean take care of you,

then you will see with a better view.

  Photo credit:  eggrole  /  /  CC BY

Photo credit: eggrole / / CC BY