Fire in my mid El
Monkey matters in the middle
Cold turkey how I break spells
That be Illing me
Century after century

Indentured servitude
Lame dudes for mouth peace
Spoils of war
Mouthwash, coconut oil, swirl
For the victory, no sympathy

Rooted to mine/real
Harvest empathy
Double edged tongue, taste the mystery
Fidelity is mutual, common law unusual
Good deeds Earthly earn interest Heavenly

Lifeblood, simplicity
Run of the Bulls, the salty nurture reasons
Fall to spring forward
13 weeks in a season
36 chambers, King Cobra, snakeskin

If eyelashes could brush paint
What kind of man would I be?
Mint Condition

Some say love's a smile away

Would you trade in pain for a face lift?

Photo credit:  stimpsonjake  /  /  CC BY

Photo credit: stimpsonjake / / CC BY