By: Trishah Al-Bey


Electro magnetic
energy is kinetic
Moors from Lemuria then became Khemetic
taught above the average
tried to civilize the savage
mathematics and astronomy
navigators of the seven seas
locked in darkness they held the keys
many don’t know of our ancestry
others where our fez but can never be
originals of carpentry
pyramid builders and sacred geometry
serpent wisdom with glows around the head
study what was documented, painted and said
when they came upon the shore
they brought skills and knowledge galore
their presence couldn’t be ignored
established laws that was du-jour
getting right they always implored
created universities where their books are stored
all the people wanted more
from the righteous ones right down to the core
then in 14 92
people really don’t have a clue
spies and lies, haters and traitors
they would have you believe we were only spectators
Greek mythology and Roman conquest
we started to fall and they took over the rest
we showed dishonor, disobeyed all the rules
got striped of our titles now we’re acting like fools
with a stroke of a pen
was the beginning of our end
accepted a label that we couldn’t comprehend
the etymology was wrong
our minds stopped being strong
death is where black really belongs
negro, colored african american
all was part of a notorious plan
to steal birthrights, treasures and land
the game goes on and on and on
using the brand of coloring crayons
leaders are cheaters
hanging low like bottom feeders
chasing degrees of freemasonry
signing 501c threes
keeping us trapped in coonery
by those who push buffoonery
but down came a prophesy
the Prophet Noble Drew Ali
it’s all about nationality
and what is constitutionally
written for all the world to see
birthright a common courtesy
for us to live in harmony
but now we’re jailed so frequently
and murdered all too easily
what it takes, many still lack
still accepting themselves as black
when it goes against the facts
they dug their own graves, the rain makes it muddy
could have avoided it all if they just studied
their fate has been sealed
and it’s a crying shame
information is now revealed
so there’s no one else to blame.