By GoldenChild Bey13


Here comes trouble
Here comes danger
Pushing anger n hate to the atmosphere
Bringing negative vibration to the air
Now the youth inhaling the hell get lock in their cells and there's no bail
Feeding them like zombies mouth full of sin
Animal's Blood Stain remain in their veins
They guilty of suicide
Killing their soul
No light shining within
They not even humming
They can't humble their Heart
They all falling apart
Busy worshiping idol but they forgot about the Living Soul
They forgot about the Infinite source they are bond to
They no Longer beyond cause their infinity got shut down
They loving the wrong
Ignoring the right
Ignorance took over there mind
Materials blind them from realizing
They afraid of the Sun so they cannot glow
They hate the rain so they can not grow
The want to bee in the new heaven but yet refuse to change so they cannot go