By GoldenChild Bey13


FLY like a butterfly
Fly like a white dove in the sky
Fly back to The Most Highs we gone to far from our True H(OM)E
Fly back to our True selves
Fly back to natural health
FLY back to hashem and watch how he moves with us again
Fly back to The Davine Truth
Fly back to the Davine U
Fly back to Love
Cause Fly is First.Love.Yorself
FLY away from lawlessness
FLY away from evilness
FLY away from Death and back to The spirit of Life That Davine Breath
Fly away from heaviness
Fly away from all those Lies
Fly back to yor Mid L and sea That Glowing light
Fly like a HUMBLE bumble BEE
Fly Fly Fly for u are finally Free

Ү / Foter / CC BY