By SunChild Olivia 13 Bey™


We live in a world of pretend,

i tend to even lose reality,

instead of getting answers within,

we get them without,

i mean without innerstanding the truth,

you are so afraid of what's good that you hate on it,

did i say "IT"?

Yes, "IT" has taken control of your life,

When did the world begin to get all this aggression?

I mean watching all these competitions ,

or listening to the "nice" politician,

ya'll better see an optician,

to help you see through the illusions,

This is a big hoax,

that has kept you inside a box,

listening to all the gossip on the grapevine,

that fake vine,

in fear that the truth is what we speak,

yet they are going to the peak,

now your in the rear; you lost your drivers seat,

when you sealed that deal,

just for a useless meal,

eating them meats and sipping them gins,

wearing all these tight jeans, fake hair so that you look like an asian,

but still you see the truth like its ancient,

so begin your research; never late to start,

just let go of your past,

so that you can depart.