By Ephany Star


I know him from somewhere

From the bass in his voice

To how it seems he walks on air

Like my soul already chose him

Leaving me without a choice

A vibe from him that is so strong

Just looking at his arms

I can feel his embrace

And know that’s where I belong

When he speaks

It sounds like he’s singing my favorite song

I try to ignore it

Stand firm

Be strong

But when the words ‘I Love You’ escaped from his lips

It was as though they were for me along

Still I tried so hard

Trust me I tried to fight it

Trying to hold onto reality

Holding onto the piece of sanity

Left in me

His arrogance disgust me

His cockiness is over whelming

But yet….

I love it

Love how his lips curls when he smiles

Or the glow that projects from his body

Due to his righteous life style

I love how I can see his halo

Full of devotion

Shinning colors of the rainbow

Or how he seem to be high off of life

Staying sharper than any crafted knife

But where do I know him from?

Seems like I already have pre-existing memories of us

When us never was –

Whenever I look into his eyes

I remember it all

But then reality hits me

I open my eyes

The laughter

Good times



And memories

Were all just a dream

Or could it be…..