By Trisha Al-Bey


Sol - I - Tude

The soul I form
In a state no one else can perceive
Where I long to be
Away from the prying eyes
Away from the burning ears
Away from the opinions I did not ask for
Just me, stripped of all labels
There is no mommy
There is no sister, no daughter
No aunt, no friend, no wife
Even insignificant thoughts are pushed away for the moment
I lay bare my soul that I examine
And through the stillness I can feel it all
I can feel The All.
Every breath, every vibration
I get to know who I am
I get to know what I am
I get to know the I AM because my creator makes the introduction
The shell is cracked and I shyly peek through
Coaxed out of safety, but cautious of a sudden intrusion
The All that knows what lays hidden encourages me
Go deep inside, explore, I am told
See what wonders there are when layers are peeled away
I pause, smile and glory in my soul
The I AM formed