By Trisha Al-Bey


I tries and I tries not to despise
when fools attempt to analyze
but they fail to recognize
the realness right before their eyes
then they try to summarize
all that I have memorized
twisted minds of every kind
using colors to hypnotize
spreading rumors, tumors and lies
my whole body is magnetized
feet are planted but I still fly
through black holes and a vortex
who wants more, I got next
its 13 that I flex
try to comprehend but its too complex
only The Most Highs keeps the balance and checks
I’m the real deal
empath that knows how to feel
got no time for suspects
bloodline came from Olmecs
only quote from old texts
demons bow and respect
ancient wisdom, ancient tongue
this is not for everyone
only adepts can overcome
new age trickery, cut the cord
slice through bullshit with my sword
this kind of knowledge you can’t absorb
cause I was alone
when I was shown
gifted with ancient poems
I leave embedded
in the hard headed
like hieroglyphs in stone.