By Trisha Al-Bey


Macro, micro
the lawless are going psycho
bodies snatched
then demons hatch
refusing to let the souls go
committing acts unsavory
in The Most High kingdom they can never be
they stay trapped in this 3-D
look for help but too blind to see
should have repented when they could
assumed all the answers
and never understood
I mean innerstand, overstated
wasted time on contraband
colorful liquids of unknown spirits
they were warned but chose not to hear it
now they beg, cry and stomp
locked in a playground where demons romp
vampires salivate ready to chomp
taking the energy for themselves
minds played with like toys on shelves
fooled by an agenda, created by a beast
do thou wilt to say the least
nature, nature we told you before
leave those blood foods with all that gore
no need to think twice
DNA is now spliced
Mary on Joan, John on Henry
committing abominations is far from trendy
it was written in stone, papyrus and Sanskrit
they ignored it all so watch who the devil gets
repeating in cycles
they have no one to blame
dark glasses now hide their shame
sold that soul for a little fame
some things will never change
that’s why the 85 are now going insane.