By Brandon Slone


screens capture the old souls gaze
he holds the map to the maze
linear lines go back in time
circular spines see all that unwinds
wanna help but what do i see
advertisements and disharmony
dark circle eyed culture cant even cry anymore
strong soul is i and i know it to be true
the matrix i have seen through
i have transcended and came above but what does that make me think of
why does it have to end why do they have to leave
we can figure it out we can take back the streets
tear down the street signs and tell people about love
turn all the meat factories into memories of the old world use to think of
stop all the wars violence and hypocrisy
anchor in paradise the universe is watching
planet earth is a special gem in the middle of the map
and we getting closer to the end
please dont start the slow clap
we can make it we can do it drop the chains that bind us
people might go but it doesnt have to blind us
root chakra fears cut off 3rd eye remedies
solar plexus doubts cut off throat chakra melodies
sing a warriors song
sing brave it bold
only minds full of fire can stop a paradigm so cold