By Ramoon Dah'muur ™


She such a Moor that I adore
She got that knowledge of self, that mind let me explore,
She only wears turbans and dresses you must respect her
Her presence is a present, no need for a Santa,
Amazon queen that visits me in my dreams
She graduated from the University of Nazarene,
From the milky way melanin waters not a pond
Such a Neteru queen she gotta be amazon
Got the essence of a lioness but humble as a swan
Words so soft spoken she must be a Gemini,
Eyes like dark diamonds in the shape of Raw Almonds
That make a naga get on one knee and pay honor
Smile make a brotha say amen
So in tune with the forces of Hashem,
Conditioned in winning she'll never lose
She got a diamond mind, no butter fingers but she's droppin jewels,
So notorious she teach the stories of Lemuria
The righteous warriors that were glorious so victorious,
She knows the game can't fuck with lames
Only kick it with the people on the same wave,
Divine presence like a golden treasure
Her mind limitless something you can't measure
Her heart probably lighter than one of Heru's feathers
Favorite number 6+7
All about building making me and you better,
She studies nature and got the remedies for ya injuries
A touch from her cures like Eloheem energy,
Always on her righteousness she stay setting trends
The Queen got my mind blown like the Monsoon wind,
In her Merkabah she ain't really into cars
Got me star struck like Hashem whipped the stars,
From up above to the orbs to the shores
And now you see why she's the moor that I adore..


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