By GoldenChild Bey13


Ah what a day
Ah she sat me down
Speaking wisdom to my mind
Showing me the Gold within her
Ah what a wonderful day
Am Amaze by the way she speaks cause u can feel the Truth from her vibration
This is poetry speaking but also mind elevation when u feel the stimulation this is sapiosexual
Moor then body touch
Moor of a spiritual talk
A inner touch
She makes me evol when it comes to love
Purify my Heart as I open up thy gate
She gives me clear sight as I close my 2 eyes and let that single light Spark
Cleanse me from dirty nest
Looking at myself I can glorify thyselfin the Name of Big AMA MAMA AND Hashem
And Re Al Ize that I'm a part of something bigger then I can ever Imagine for I am a reflection of Herself :-) :-) :-) 131313Love