By Twan El-Sun Teachey


Who Are You and what are you bringing to da table?
Is it fruits and veggies or something with a label?

Are you da type to forgive and move to da next chapter?
Or are you da type to bytch and gripe, full of anger and no laughter?

Who Are You and where do you come from?
Is it a place of darkness, or somewhere under the sun?

Are you da one that brings love, peace, and joy to the world?
Or are you the one that likes to poop on all the pearls?

Are you a living being shining bright with your halo?
Or are you just full of crap from eating too many bagels?

Are you da type to keep it 13 and real as can bee?
Or are you a grown ass trick or treater eating up all the candy?

Are you da one living outdoors posted up by the campfire?
Or are you a walking graveyard eating blood food like a vampire?

Are you da one who builds, sun gaze, and keep your feet planted?
Or are you out in these streets running wild and rampant?

I know who I Am. I Am the priceless Sun of El.
I'm bout dat life. Read these words and you can easily tell.

There's no need to question or debate. I don't have to spar with you.
Just look inside yourself and ask this question. Who Are You?