By Y. Ari Bey

To stand on your square you must rise on your own,

My foundation is built on Philosopher Stone. 


The flame of the Ram fuels my drive to inspire,

I spring into life with Prometheus fire.


The balance of all shows the form of my soul,

Scaling new heights was always my goal.


Rising in my writings, building wealth with these pens,

Investments so diverse you would think I was twins.


A Quicksilver in the seas, mind as sharp as the bees,

YAH's seer of the keys, confidant to the trees.


That warrior of love with a lyrical crown,

lifting heavy hearts whom were doomed to drown...


In that lake of fire, poisoned by desire,

Here to heal the ill, I'm not preaching to the choir.


I'm here to talk truth before it all goes South,

like Mars M&M's, these words melt from my mouth.


Good fortune and fame are apart of the game, 

but if water's dammed up, then results are the same.


Shame turns to blame from the fish that remain,

I'm here to spark knowledge like the Moors from Spain.


Discipline from within, your own self adviser.

Rebuke Satan's' sins, be a master organizer.  


I'm here to change these ways, their lack of morals is heinous,

You chattel love to craze, but you talking from your anus.


In tune with my tunes as they rise through my throat,

I swim past the lies like an elder sea goat. 


I explode out this maze with Plutonium precision

Mind's eye is focused on accomplishing my mission.


Learn to MASTER SELF if you want to be that heir,

then stand up erect on your own circled square.